Am I Really Ready For Retirement?

With my ambitious target of retiring before my 35th birthday, I feel like I don’t have enough time to pull all this together. I’m wondering if people in my position regretted retiring or regretted not retiring sooner.
Would I regret retiring this early in my 30s?
To the answers to my question, I have to put a number of things in place and give them some serious consideration.

  • Do I have an Investment plan in place?

First, I’ll need to start an investing program so that my financial needs in retirement will be taken care of.  I’ll need investments on automatic as much as I can. And looking by the way things are, am really not there yet. So point #1 kicks me out. But food for thought right?

  • Do I have a side hustle to keep me going?

Well I’ll learn right. I’ve a list of hustles i can do on the side before I get to 40 years. I’m ready to learn, anyway what is life about if it’s not to learn and experience. Point #2 checks out.

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Barclays Supply Chain Challenge

Do you have the idea that will revolutionise the world around you?
Barclays has a proud tradition of fintech innovation and we’re committed to working with young people across the world. With our new pan-African challenge, we’re inviting teams of innovators to submit ideas that will shake up the supply chain and add real value for millions of people.
What is this all about?
Propose a solution that creates more transparency between sellers and buyers, producers and consumers, throughout the supply chain. Use blockchain (check out Wikipedia’s meaning), distributed ledger or any other technology.
Who can participate in this?
The challenge is open to individuals, teams and start-ups.
~Entrants should be aged between 18–35 years
~Can be for any industry – textiles, mining, finance, food, water and more (farming isn’t locked out).
What is in it for us?
The prizes:
There will be five finalists. One member from each team will be invited to Cape Town on an all-expenses-paid trip to pitch their idea. They will receive professional pitch coaching and will present the idea to a panel of industry experts and Barclays executives. Of the five finalists, one winning entry will be crowned ‘Barclays Africa Innovation Challenge Winner 2015’. The team will also receive $10 000 USD (100k south of a MILLION Kshilling) in prize money and a Barclays mentor for 6 months.
Don’t let this free challenge pass you by…

Filing My ITax Revelation

KRADespite the system down time, I was eventually able to file my tax returns about a month ago. If we as Kenyans are good at anything it’s rushing the last minutes to do stuff otherwise we could have done within the past 6 months. Perhaps our lives are pretty much engaged in other trivial matters we consider filing our tax returns less important.

All in all, while submitting my taxes, I couldn’t help but learn a thing or two about my yearly income and how much I religiously give to the taxman. First off, it was a revelation in the sense that I make quite some good money over the year. My salary has always been picture-framed to my monthly expenses and never considered how much a year I get as net pay. Thanks to the improved technology behind Itax, it gave me not only the figures in simplified format, I was able to calculate exactly how much I pay as taxes yearly.

This being not only the first time I’m using Itax (and pretty every other Kenyan taxpayer), it’s also the first time I ever filed returns having being employed last year. But being the Frugal Kenyan I’m, this is both a eye-opener and an experience, am still working on ways on how to pick a leaf off this new development.


Till next time, peace. Stick to A Frugal Living!!


One of the funniest questions I hear is when people ask, “How did you save for X?” They’ll ask “How did you save to travel?” or “How did you save for your first house?” My answer is always the same: “I spent less than I earned. Is there another way to do it?”

Doing This More, Not Less, Will Save You From Financial Ruin!

Pay Yourself First!

(“Start thy purse to fattening.”)
“If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since we were youths, it is because you either have failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not observe them.”“A part of all you earn is yours to keep. It should be not less than a tenth no matter how little you earn. It can be as much more as you can afford. “Pay yourself first”

Live Below Our Means!

(“Control thy expenditures”)
“Budget your expenses so that you may have money to pay for your necessities, to pay for your enjoyments and to gratify your worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of your earnings.”
The best advice to becoming wealthy is to keep expenditures down even when our earning power increases. Many of us have the habit of spending more as we earn more and it’s not unusual to see someone splurging and suddenly their expenses go up as they start earning more.

Make Your Money Work For You.
(“Make thy gold multiply”)
I believe this lesson is about investing our money and letting it work for us. I personally believe that each and every one of us should think about investing only after we have built our savings and an emergency fund.
” …put each coin to work so that it may reproduce its kind even as the flocks of the field and help bring to you more income, a stream of wealth that will flow constantly into your purse.”
If everything else is good and gravy, making our money work for us is a great way to accumulate wealth. There are many investment vehicles we can tackle but the best thing we should all be aware of is that we should never invest in anything we do not completely understand.

Insurance Protects Your Wealth.
(“Guard they treasures from loss.”)
Insurance helps safeguard our wealth by absorbing potential loss and mitigating our financial situation. There are many insurance we can buy and we should do our research on which one and how much we need.

Your Home Is Your Biggest Expense.
(“Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment”)
Our homes are potentially the biggest expense we have to tackle. Many of us do not own a home and instead rent one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I believe the lesson we can learn from this one is that we should manage our biggest expense smartly.

Have A Retirement Plan.
(“Insure a future income.”)
We should have a retirement plan if we want to retire comfortably. We can do that by setting aside money to be invested for our retirement. There are many retirement investment plans out there. The younger we can start putting money away for our retirement the better. When we start putting money away for retirement early we take advantage of a magical thing called ‘compounding Interest.
Time can be our retirement’s greatest friend.
“Remember that money is of a prolific generating nature. Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more.” – Benjamin Franklin

Invest In Yourself.
(“Increase thy ability to earn.”)
The best way we can increase our earning is by investing in ourselves. We can do that by continually learning and striving to develop ourselves. We are now in a very exciting time: the Information Age where knowledge is literally within our fingertips thanks to the Internet.
“Those eager to grasp opportunities for their betterment, do attract the interest of the goddess of fortune. She is ever anxious to help those who please her. And who is she pleased with? She is pleased with those who do – rather than those who merely talk and engage in wishful thinking. Action will lead you forth to the successes you desire.”
There are many things we can learn on our own and should strive to make ourselves well-rounded. Whether we learn to eat more healthy, enhance our current work skills, or learn to make more money, we must take the initiative to invest in ourselves. When we become smarter and wiser our ability to earn more also increases.

Track Your Wealth.
(Know where you are and where you are going.)
In order for us to know where we stand financially we need to face the whole truth of our current situation. We can do that by tracking our current wealth or lack thereof. This is a tough exercise but we must face the truth of how we earn and spend our money in order for us to know where we are going. There is a big difference between wealthy people and those who are not, wealthy people know their net worth while the poor do not pay particular attention nor care at all about tracking their assets and liabilities.
“You cannot manage what you do not measure.” – Bill Hewitt (co-founder of Hewlett Packard)
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Some of the good things in your life you won’t realize how good they are until you don’t have them. You can’t measure the worth and interest of a parent until you are one yourself or you no longer have one. You often don’t realize how much a person gave to your life until they are no longer giving. It’s then you realize how many of the good things in your life came from the support of the person who was thinking of you all along.

First off:-

I’m going to start off by working on the Free WordPress plan and slowly learn the basics of building a blog. One of the accomplished tasks so far is choosing of a theme, although in a few, I will be out searching for a theme that is both economical and at the same time, easy to navigate with the best fonts out there. Since most of my posts won’t include allota pictures, I’ll seek for something that emphasizes on cool colours and a lighter background.
This being a personal blog, more of a diary of sorts, y’all welcome to take my basics design to create a blog of your own. And in that case, you’ll find most of my posts more of conversational.
Till next time, peace!


UPDATE!! – 26th June, 2015 – 0722hrs


I hope this post finds you well; I’m humbled to report that I’ve made some quite remarkable steps since the last time I was here. Here are some of the new changes I’ve made on this blog.

  1. Theme – As promised, I went on a window-shopping spree and am proud to say, I finally found this incredible Theme that perfectly meets the kind of blog design I anticipated.
  2. Blogroll – I also introduced another page exclusively dedicated to some of the best blogs i actively follow, they’re my inspiration of sorts, so feel free to comment with some of the blogs you’ll love to see included.
  3. Blog Update – I’ve decided to also dedicated my blog the first two hours in the morning of everyday, to change one thing or the other, in the future I’ll also be posting blog posts in intervals of two days.
  4. categories – I’ll try and karate-chop my posts to only three or four categories to ease navigation through the site, but since the theme is simple and uses simple fonts, you’ll not get lost in here.

Till next time kindly stay sane! XOXO!!